Mobile Device Use Policy

GMS Mobile Device Use Policy


The vision of Glanford Middle School is to provide a safe, caring school community where strengths are honoured and learning is exciting. GMS students will acquire and demonstrate academic, social, and behavioural skills that will allow them to act as positive, contributing citizens in our culturally diverse world.

The rapid rate of technological advancement and the availability of cell phones and other mobile electronic devices is a reality at GMS. In order to be responsive to this reality, GMS has adopted the following Mobile Device Use policy:

1. Glanford Middle School is committed to developing and expecting a high level of digital citizenship from all students.

2. GMS students may possess a personal mobile device, such as a phone, iPod, or tablet.

3. Mobile devices must be silent and locked during instructional time, unless a student is given permission by a staff member to use the device.

4. Should a GMS staff member allow device usage during instructional time, it is expected that all devices will be used for learning purposes only.

5. All mobile device usage during instructional time is a privilege to be offered to students at the discretion of staff members.

6. Mobile Devices may not be visible and may not be used anywhere inside the school building between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 unless permission is granted by a staff member.

7. Mobile Devices are not to be brought to assemblies, or to exploratory classes, unless explicitly requested by exploratory teachers.

It is important that the GMS learning community embrace the rights and responsibilities related to the use of mobile devices; therefore, consequences for poor digital citizenship choices or abuse of the mobile device use policy will be enforced by school staff and administration as follows:

Any unauthorized use of a mobile device (including, but not limited to: harassment, bullying, or unauthorized photography or video recording) will result in immediate consequences from the GMS administration.

These consequences may include, but are not limited to: the confiscation of the device, restrictions on student use of the GMS WiFi and computer network, direct contact with parents, in-school suspension, or out-of-school suspension.

School staff will review this policy regularly, and alterations may be made at any time. It is our sincere desire at Glanford Middle School to be responsive to the digital realities of our world while growing in digital citizenship as a learning community.