Our Programs

Each day GMS students will participate with their teacher in an advisory session. The goals of the program will be to assist students in matters of personal planning and development.

At each grade level students will follow the Ministry of Education guidelines and be engaged in the core courses of English Language Arts, French, P.E., Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

GMS students will participate in a series of courses designed to give them practical experience in Music, Home Economics including Foods/Nutrition and Textiles, Art, Computers, Woodworking and Dance/Drama. The exploratory programs at GMS are designed to develop and expand on every student’s personal interests and skills.


Although band is an optional program, students are encouraged to join the GMS Band Program, regardless of their grade level, their musical experience, or ability. As a means of students and parents making an informed choice about the Band Program, the Band teacher, will provide parents and students ample information and opportunity to make the decision to join our Band. We know that the Band Program will be an amazing experience for GMS kids, and we encourage your child’s participation.

Strings is also an optional program. Students who choose to be involved in the Strings Program will meet twice weekly for skill instruction. There will be an opportunity for strings players that are beginners, and for those with experience in strings

Clubs, Sports
Organized activities often occur at lunch times or after school and will be open to all students who have permission from their parents. Student participation, skill development, and FUN are our priorities with extra-curricular sports. GMS will honour a “no cut” policy, which assures a student playing time when the commitments to the team regarding practices and meetings are met.

Student Leadership
All students will be invited to join in Student Leadership opportunities. The purpose will be to discover and foster the attributes of leadership. GMS provides opportunities for student leadership at all three grade levels.

Student Support Services
The Student Services Team is a group of teachers and support staff whose function is to support students to be successful in their studies and school life. Support to students may be in the form of learning assistance, resource room, adapted or modified programming, counseling, conflict resolution or other strategies negotiated with parents. Personal appointments are always available to parents who may desire to meet with the student services team and/or with a team of teachers working with their child.

Members of the Student Services Team, beyond the respective advisory teachers, include: Darren Smith, Counsellor;  Greg Barmby, London Coronica, Cheryl Campbell, Inclusive Learning Teachers; Vicky Roberts, Principal; Jeni Scott, Vice-Principal. Where budgeting allows, Educational Assistants are assigned to classes to give added support to teachers and students.