One for the Winter… A Retro Return

Stick with us, GMS Fans… We’re finding our bearings.  Sure Covid knocked us slightly a-kilter, but we are not ones to be held back so we knew it was time to get back to having a little fun and Retro-ing up the place.  With the Spicy Pumpkins won the draw… Read more

Glanford Music… Playin’ through the Day

Social distancing, cohorts, masking musical instruments… there are a lot of impediments to holding a concert during a pandemic.  It makes you wonder why Ms. Kelly & Ms. Fisher… “Jelly-Fish” as we like to call them… would even try.  But then you  may not know Ms. Kelly & Ms. Fisher… Read more

Principals Message

Message From Our Acting Principal

Hello GMS Families, Welcome back! We hope that everyone has had a happy, healthy and restful Spring Break. The cherry blossoms are blooming and our beautiful city is coming alive! Our...

Welcome to GMS

The vision of GMS is to provide a safe, caring school community where strengths are honoured and learning is exciting. GMS students will acquire and demonstrate academic, social, and behavioural skills that will allow them to contribute as moral citizens in a culturally diverse technological world.

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