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Double the Fun at the February/March Retro

Two months of middle school fabulousness in one Retro?  “IMPOSSIBLE”, I say.  Not at GMS though where the show must go on and, indeed, it did.  The Retro was dedicated to our soon-to-depart-to-be-the-Principal-at-Tillicum, Mr, Duyndam, who brought energy and vision that made our school a better place these last 3… Read more

Winning One for the ‘Slipper’ at the Golden Girl

Bump…Set…Spiiiii…SLIP!  Pregame warm-ups proved to be hazardous once again at the Golden Girl Volleyball Challenge between the Staff and the Girls Volleyball team.  Our sporty setter & School Admin Assistance, Ms. Hansen, slipped on a spike, turned her knee, and was out of the game.  After the ice was administered,… Read more

Principals Message

Message From Our Principal

Greetings to the GMS learning community!  We are happy to start 2018 with engaging learning opportunities for all GMS students.  The vision of GMS is to provide a safe, caring...

Welcome to GMS

The vision of GMS is to provide a safe, caring school community where strengths are honoured and learning is exciting. GMS students will acquire and demonstrate academic, social, and behavioural skills that will allow them to contribute as moral citizens in a culturally diverse technological world.

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