Mav’s Fly Over the Attack Line


The Bump-Set-Spike crowd got in their digs and dives as Volleyball season came to GMS. The nets were up and so were the volleys as GMS fielded teams in the Girls’ Competitive and Recreational Leagues and the Boys’ Recreational League. If that wasn’t enough, the Glanford Intramural League was causing… Read more

Team Otacu Takes Pokemon Stadium Champion’s League


It was Alakazam, as it had been so many times in the Pokemon Stadium Champion’s League, who finally finished off Pokemon Master Squad’s Victreebel and gave the MasterBall to Team Otacu. 17 teams of Pokemon experts battled for three weeks in the inaugural Pokemon season attacking with no end of… Read more

Principals Message

Message From the Principal

Greetings to the GMS learning community! The two week Spring Break has come and gone - hopefully everyone had time to recharge their batteries for the final term of school at GMS!  Formal report...

Welcome to GMS

The vision of GMS is to provide a safe, caring school community where strengths are honoured and learning is exciting. GMS students will acquire and demonstrate academic, social, and behavioural skills that will allow them to contribute as moral citizens in a culturally diverse technological world.

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